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Explosion proof control switch

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Atex Mushroom Pushbutton

  • High switching capacity
  • International certificates
  • Release by pulling
  • Robust construction

Mushroom Pushbutton for assembling of control panels or local control stations.

Robust and reliable construction with 2,5mm² silver contact terminals and nominal voltage up to 250V.

There are different coloured inlays or symbols available.
Different switching combinations are possible

Possible Application
  • Control Panels
  • Local control stations

Technical Data
Zone: 1 / 2 / 21 / 22
Nominal voltage max.: 250VAC / 110VDC
Current @ 250VAC: AC12: 16A @ ≤40°C
AC15: 10A @ ≤60°C
Current @ 110VDC: DC12: 0,5A @ ≤60°C
Current @ 24VDC: DC13: 1A @ ≤60°C
Terminals: 2x 2,5mm², Silver
Ingress protection: IP 66
Temperature range: -55..+60°C
Dimension (mm): pls. see drawing
Mechanical life: 1.000.000 cycles
Mounting possibilities: Backside – DIN-Rail
Lid Mounting: Thickness 1-6mm
atex mushroom button

II 2G Ex de IIC Gb / II 2D Ex tD A21 IP66

Rail Mounting Explosion proof push button QX-0201-P4_ 60
QX-0201-P4_ 61
QX-0201-P4_ 62
Lid Mounting intrinsically safe pushbutton QX-0201-P4_ 70
QX-0201-P4_ 71
QX-0201-P4_ 72