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Explosion proof control switch

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Atex Emergency Stop with key

  • High switching capacity
  • International certificates
  • Usable as latching or spring return
  • Robust construction

Emergency Stop / Mushroom Pushbutton with key for assembling of control panels or local control stations.
Robust and reliable construction with 2,5mm² silver contact terminals and nominal voltage up to 250V.
Different switching combinations are possible.
The key can be removed in both positions. Used as Emergency function only with key releasable.

Possible Application
  • Control Panels
  • Local control stations
Technical Data
Zone: 1 / 2 / 21 / 22
Nominal voltage max.: 250VAC / 110VDC
Current @ 250VAC:
AC12: 16A @ ≤40°C
AC15: 10A @ ≤60°C
Current @ 110VDC: DC12: 0,5A @ ≤60°C
Current @ 24VDC: DC13: 1A @ ≤60°C
Terminals: 2x 2,5mm², Silver
Ingress protection: IP 66
Temperature range: -55..+60°C
Dimension (mm): pls. see drawing
Mechanical life: 1.000.000 cycles
Mounting possibilities: Backside – DIN-Rail - Lid
Lid Mounting: Thickness 1-6mm
Mushroom Pushbutton with key

II 2G Ex de IIC Gb / II 2D Ex tD A21 IP66

Rail Mounting Explosion proof push button QX-0201-Y0 60
QX-0201-Y0 61
QX-0201-Y0 62
Lid Mounting intrinsically safe pushbutton QX-0201-Y0 70
QX-0201-Y0 71
QX-0201-Y0 72