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Explosion proof control switch

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Atex Switches & Push Buttons

These explosion proof push buttons, switches, indicators, selector switches and switching components are for use in Enclosures / control panels in explosive atmospheres in compliance with the ATEX 94/9/EC Directive and as per the IEC. Robust and reliable construction with 2,5mm² silver contact terminals and nominal voltage up to 250V.

Atex Push Buttons

Atex Push button available with different coloured inlays or symbols. With the Double-Pushbutton 2 functions can be used on one small space.

Atex Push Buttons

Atex Illuminated Pushbutton

Illuminated Pushbutton
Because of the high luminance they are usable within daylight. Low power consumption because of LED technique. Different colours are available
Illuminated Pushbutton

Atex Emergency Stop Button

Explosion proof emergency stop button with possibilty of different switching combinations.
With yellow ring for showing the emergency function.
atex emergency stop button

Atex Selector switches

Selector switch for assembling of control panels or local control stations.
Different switching combinations are possible.
atex selector switch

Atex Potentiometer

Explosion proof / atex certified Potentiometer control switch.
The Potentiometer has got 3-poles, adjustable from 0 to 100%.
Atex potentiometer

Atex Voltmeter / Ammeter

Explosion proof Voltmeter / Ammeter for assembling of control panels or local control stations.
Direct and indirect measurement (by current transformer) available.
atex voltmeter, atex ammeter

Atex Isolator Switch

Explosion proof isolator switches. GRP, Aluminium & stainless steel isolator switch.
EX d e IIC T4/T5 Gb
Ex tb IIIC T80°C Db IP66 .
Atex Isolator Switch, Ex Isolator

Atex Mushroom Pushbutton

Atex Mushroom Push button
with different coloured inlays or symbols available. Different switching combinations are possible
atex mushroom button

Atex Key Switch

Key switch with different switching combinations are possible. The key can be removed in both positions. atex key switch

Atex Emergency Stop Button with key

Emergency Stop / Mushroom Pushbutton with key available with different switching combinations. The key can be removed in both positions. Used as Emergency function only with key releasable. Mushroom Pushbutton with key

Atex Control Panel Light

Indication lamp with high luminance allowing them to be seen in bright daylight.
Low power consumption because of LED's. Different colours are available.
Atex Indication Lamp

Atex Switching component 4-pole

4-pole switching component with the possibilty of different switch combinations. This atex switch component can be used with different push button heads as well as different heads and functions of selector switches. atex switching component

Lockable Shrouds, Catches & Labels

A range of labels / shrouds used for identification of local control components that can be laser engraved upon request. Lockable shrouds and safety catches for emergency stop buttons. atex button switch shroud
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